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The Late Bloomer – Kindled

I know I am going to sound stupid but I am so happy to finally have tried Kindle and my world is blown away with it.  Being a book lover you might find it strange that I haven’t had read even one e-book till recently.  Actually I was kind of old school when it came to reading books, I just love the touch and feel of a real book as compared to e-books and had till now maintained a stand that only real books can give a full reading experience.  But ever since I got into fitness I hardly got time to read any books.  Most of my readings I used to do at late night but now since I have started sleeping early it had become almost impossible to get time to sit back and enjoy a book once in a while. In fact in whole of year 2016 I just read handful of comics and not a single book, not even an instruction manual (I tend to skip those).  Since everyone makes some kind of New Year resolution, and I really don’t have much weight to lose this year, I resolved to read at least 24 books this year, but the problem was how I would do that if I still don’t have any time to do so.   My Wife came to my rescue, she strongly suggested me to install the Kindle app on my phone and try reading at least one book on it.  She has been reading e-books for years now and I always used to give her a hard time for going to the dark side.  She always tried to lure me too like good Ol’ Vader but till now like a true Jedi I had resisted the temptation. But this time I finally decided to listen to my wife and give Kindle a shot.  I couldn’t believe how much I was missing.  I just finished reading my first book on Kindle and I am just blown away with the experience.  I never thought reading an e-book would be so convenient and fun.  In fact this is the fastest I have read any book till now as the book is always available on my phone and I can squeeze in a quick read anytime and anywhere.  I have already moved on to reading my second book on Kindle and I am sure I will be able to reach my goal of 24 books this year easily.  I still love the feel of reading an actual book, but it is not always convenient to carry it around or have adequate light to read it.  So in my case its better late than never…

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