Lately often when I wake up in the morning I can hear a distant sound of foghorn blowing in rhythmic style like in the movie inception but soon I realize it isn’t a dream anymore.  The Dream is real.  Being fat all my life, I had always had a dream that how awesome it would be if I could just loose little bit of weight, but now after losing 41 kg I still sometimes forgot that I am not as Big (remember its polite word for fat) as I used to be and things have changed.  So how did I do that, how did I make this weight loss a reality?  Well a detailed answer involves a diet plan and workout plan but a one line answer is MIND OVER MATTER – THE INCEPTION.

No matter which diet you plan to follow, no matter what workout routine you plan to do, if you are not motivated enough to change your lifestyle it will never work.  It all starts and ends with the mind.  Often motivation is temporary, we feel inspired when we are in our comfort zone, but as soon as we start pushing our body, motivation starts to diminish. Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight any time in their life must have experienced this feeling. From last 10 years, every few months I used to feel motivated to lose weight for my wife and even started and followed many different kind of programs for few days or weeks, but once I got back in day-to-day routine, the motivation used to fade away resulting in one long yo-yo diet.  Everybody feels after the birth of my son the motivation was so strong that I finally followed through on my diet plan.  But that’s just partially true.  In fact after my son’s birth for 4 months even though I tried my best to lose weight I just kept on putting on more kilos each passing day.  That’s when my wife did an inception on me.  That was her one final attempt to make the dream real.  How the inception will work is a very personal matter for everyone and it will depend on how the idea can be planted in your head.  For me it was done by my wife and it just finally happened. Yes my biggest strength and my secret ingredient in this incredible transformation was my wife who never gave up on me. Basically the inception of the idea is that your mind feels that what diet plan and fitness plan your body has to follow is the only reality which can exist anymore, everything else is just a dream. This will make you adopt a life style change.  Ask any fitness expert in the world and he or she will always advice you to make a lifestyle change, eat healthy, workout and control your cravings.  So this advice instead of being an advice, if can be planted as a reality in your mind, than the hard and rigorous weight loss journey can be much more fun and easy and it will be just matter of time till you wake up one day and realize that the dream is real.