Food cravings can often drive you crazy resulting in some serious cheat food sessions.  Often when you are dieting, you would experience that you stick to your diet plan whole day very strictly, but when the evening comes, craving would start to creep in, turning you into a binge monster.   If you could just subside those cravings for few minutes more often than not, you will be able to end your day well within your calorie budget.  It all comes down to those few minutes of crazy food cravings which can either make or break a great diet plan.  So what to do when the craving demon comes hunting for you.  You can exorcise the demon with a very simple weapon, oh no not the steak to heart or a wooden cross, but a trusty old sugar-free gum.  Yes Sugar Free Gum works like a charm against those evil food cravings.  Whenever I get cravings for any kind of unhealthy food, I just pop a Sugar Free Chewing Gum and it kills the craving.  This is a simple trick which I found by accident. I was never a fan of chewing gum, but since I discovered this trick I always keep a stick of gum handy to deal with any kind of emergency.  Just make sure the Gum you use is sugar-free and each stick is less than 5 calories. This neat trick can prove to be a trump card in your weight loss journey and let’s face it; you will look much cooler with a gum in mouth instead of those sinful brownies.