Small Beginnings

Everyone knows the toughest part of trying to lose weight is to keep up the discipline over the long period of time, but often ignored is the part of starting up.  In the movies when a guy wants to shape up, they cut into a groovy montage with an inspirational song and shots of the guy working out, eating good, waking up, working out again, thus condensing a 6 – 8 month long fitness  journey into  2 minutes, but alas in real life that is not the case.  For a person planning to lose weight has to understand that you cannot start big (pun intended).   Be prepared for lots of false starts and slip ups in the beginning. Often many of us fat people are quite shy to start doing exercise publically, so most of the research is done online.  As you prepare to start with your fitness regime, you will see loads of fitness videos on YouTube, showing some sure fire 7-8 exercises with a promise to lose weight in next few weeks.  But often the fitness gurus making these videos fail to understand that for an obese person it would be impossible to perform these exercises.  It will take at least a couple of weeks of conditioning for you to even doing the moderate workouts.  At 145 Kg weight, the only workout I could do was walking. Thus if you are really over weight or not used to working out at all, it’s important to understand the significance of starting small and gradually working up the fitness ladder.  To start with for first week your focus just has to be on maintaining a good and healthy diet.  Start counting calories, eat clean food and just try to resist all the temptations of cheating on your diet.  Even if you end up cheating in a meal for first few days, just dust it off and start your diet again from next meal onward.  Once you get your diet in control, then you can start working out.  You don’t need to do a High Intensity workout or killer lifting session from day 1; just starting with a 30 mins walk will be enough.  When I started out, for first 2 weeks I hardly did any workout, my focus was just on my food intake. From 2nd week onwards I started my daily walks, I could just walk 1 km for first few days, but gradually got my stamina and was able to do up to 5 km in next couple of weeks. The key was never to give up and understand your own limitations.  Even with such simple and small beginnings, you will be able to see amazing result.